Belgium-based design team - SKIN made THE POOL brand vision, which uses a simple style and exclusively
uses the color PANTONE 3405C. The layout of the logo is circular, seemingly following a rule but not a combination
of set rules, with striking results. Good design does not need complex visual performance. All it needs is to be
memorable, evoke positive feelings, and align with the overall brand style.

The International Design Museum Munich

Founded in 1907, The International Design Museum Munich (DIE NEUE SAMMLUNG) is the world's oldest industrial
design museum, focusing on everything from furniture and automobiles, to household items, modern art, and
more than 80,000 collectibles. We highly recommend that everyone visit and enjoy the International Design Museum
Munich’s diversified rich collections—experiencing the creative concept and innovative materials of each era.


Finest Resort is located in the southeastern Caribbean coast of Cancun, Mexico. The resort's design honors its stunning
location, showcasing a modern minimalist style using a low-saturation, blue/white/green-based color. This subtlety
features a refined taste and focuses purely on the design structure. If you are looking for a refuge with modern design appeal, 
we highly recommend Finest Resort. Design is meant to make our lives better, which Finest Resort reflects meticulously.